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Good Quality of Life

The rustic ambiance and virtually pristine environment of the province provide a welcome respite from the aggravation of big-city-living. It is an excellent location for recharging one’s mental and spiritual batteries while enjoying the cosmopolitan comforts at relatively low costs.

Business-Friendly Environment

A dynamic government-private sector partnership has produced a more investor friendly environment. This is reinforced by industrial harmony and a stable peace and order situation. The province also provides a haven from typhoons.

Wide Range of Business Opportunities

Pioneering investors will definetely enjoy first mover advantage. For resource-seeking investors, the province offers tourism sites for development, a highly trainable workfoce at competitive wage rates, vast tracts of fertile agricultural lands (including plantation), and mineral deposits. The strategic location of Oriental Negros provides greater access

Advance Infrastructure and Amenities

The fiber optic telecommunications backbone of the Philippines is located in Oriental Negros. As a result, the province boasts of state of the art telecommunications facilities. Its geothermal powerplants ensure stable supply of electricity.

Dumaguete city, the capital, hosts major financing institutions. It is also a “university town,” being the home of reputable academic institutions with proven track records in producing high quality human resources. Visitors to the province are also assured of good quality hotels, resorts, restaurants and other amenities such as internet access, shopping, etc.

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